MSFL wins INDIASTAR Award 2015 for Innovation

INDIASTAR July'15 Year 2015-16 (Copy)

For the second time in three years MSFL has won the coveted ‘IndiaStar’ Award. The new MSFL Anti-Skid film was adjudged the outstanding breakthrough in the ‘Innovative Design and Development in Packaging’ category for its unique attributes:

  • Easy handling and storage
  • Versatile pack design options
  • Good stiffness and mechanical properties
  • Suitability for food contact applications

Continuous technology upgrades and an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality have kept MSFL at the top of the leaderboard.

MSFL’s R&D lab, manned by teams of young scientists trained to explore and cross the frontiers of technology, has produced a series of cutting edge solutions.